Webinar on Demand

Webinar: Key Considerations to Ensure Compliant PI Compensation

Join PFS Clinical’s Director of Site Strategy, David B. Russell, for an educational webinar on PI Compensation. During this webinar, Mr. Russell will share some insights from his 14+ years of working with research sites of all sizes to help them create a compliant system to compensate principal investigators for their efforts on clinical trials. He will discuss this topic from both the perspective of the site and what constraints are put upon them in compensating physicians, as well as from the perspective of the PI as to why they should be compensated additionally for this important work above their normal duties.

Topics covered will include:

·        Review of laws governing physician compensation

·        Pros and cons of different payment methodologies

·        Insights to share with PI’s as to reasons why they can’t receive half the budget

·        Various ways of documenting PI effort

·        Tips on how to explain why PI’s should be compensated for their research efforts

·        Importance of having a consistent, written policy for PI compensation