Boost Services: Research Administration Process Training

PFS Clinical offers on-site and remote training for our clients who want to keep their research administration processes in-house. The process is highly customizable and tailored to the needs of each individual institution. Generally, topics fall into one (or more) of the topics listed below:

Coverage Analysis

  • Qualifying clinical trial status according to NCD 310.1
  • Grid building
  • Interpretation of applicable Medicare rules 
  • Coding (HCPCS/CPT/V70.7/Modifiers)
  • Resource overview
  • Institutional policies
  • Claims review process
limit exposure to contracts.gif


  • Redlining and areas of importance
  • Aligning all study documents (ICF, Budget, CTA, CA)
  • Payment terms
  • Overview of risk controls
  • Version control during negotiations
  • Negotiation tips and techniques (15).gif


  • Development of internal budget derived from Medicare rates (with multiplier) and/or rates from institution
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Compliance considerations
  • Tips for editing sponsor budgets
  • Justifications during negotiations and email communications

Additional Boost services:

Site Evaluation & Consulting