Jody Ingebritsen-Howe

Jody Ingebritsen-Howe is a Manager of Contracts and Compliance at PFS Clinical. Jody has extensive experience in the legal and healthcare industries, including over 5 years’ experience with legal analysis in her past experience with litigation investigations, including contracts and medical documents. She has collaborated with an extensive variety of research sites, including large academic medical centers, major medical centers, dedicated research facilities and community hospitals, providing Jody with a well-rounded perspective of the contracting needs of each type of research site.

Representative Examples Of Jody's Project Experience:

  • Conducting contract analysis on complex agreements related to clinical trials and company policies
  • Analyzing and expediting resolution of legal issues in clinical trial contracting process
  • Negotiating with clinical research organizations and study sponsors to establish mutually-agreeable contract terms
  • Developing compliance procedures and protocols


  • Bachelor of Science, Legal Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Marilyn Windschiegl, J.D.

Attorney Windschiegl is the Director of Clinical Research Contracts and Compliance for PFS Clinical. Ms. Windschiegl has over thirty years of experience in the health insurance industry including both commercial health insurance and the Medicare and Tricare government benefit programs. Her areas of expertise include health plan operations, training, provider credentialing, health plan and benefit program laws and regulations, coverage mandates, and privacy and security requirements. She is a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, the Dane County Bar Association, and is the President of the HIPAA Collaborative of Wisconsin. 


  • Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • J.D., University of Wisconsin School of Law

Amanda Miller

Amanda is the Training Program Manager for PFS Clinical.  She has detailed clinical research experience providing expertise in administrative roles such as budget development/negotiation, coverage analysis development, and coverage analysis quality assurance.  Her work with a large array of research sites, from large academic medical centers, dedicated research facilities, major medical centers, and community hospitals, provides Amanda with a well-rounded perspective of clinical research and a comprehensive understanding of the administrative needs of clinical research sites.

Representative Examples of Amanda's Project Experience:

  • Generating best practices and performing quality assurance on coverage analyses for research institutions across the Midwest, California, and Texas.
  • Developing and negotiating budgets on behalf of research sites, focused on an academic medical centers, to ensure the most financially advantageous budget for the sites.
  • Providing a primary point of contact and account management for numerous research institutions to ensure short turnaround times and quality deliverables are met for each clinical trial.
  • Assisting institutions with the development and implementation of institutional policies related to coverage analysis and budgeting.


  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Saint Mary’s College
  • Master of Science, Entrepreneurship/Science & Engineering, University of Notre Dame