Revenue Guard

Ensure Financial Viability

PFS Clinical’s Revenue Guard services are implemented by research billing specialists with many years of experience with financial tracking/reconciliation, financial reporting, and claims review. When we partner with you, we are not just a services vendor; our experts work within your revenue cycle department to provide a seamless service integration into any software you have in place. We always customize our services to fit with your current process.

Additionally, partnership with PFS Clinical provides generous ROI for your organization. For one institution, PFS Clinical identified $195,000 in uncovered revenue across the initial 49 studies reviewed. The revenue identified from those 49 studies amounted to more than 5 times the service fees charged by PFS Clinical. For another institution, $290,000 in uncovered revenue was found across 27 studies, and over 80% was collected within 90 days of the initial review.

Your institution’s interpretation of payment terms may not always match the sponsor’s interpretation. Let us follow up with the sponsor and help your organization recognize revenue that might otherwise go uncovered.





Gain accessible, accurate, and timely accrual information


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Recognize revenue that may otherwise go uncovered

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Enhance reporting to make effective business decisions

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Build a team of research finance experts

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