Webinar on Demand

Webinar: Maximize Your Clinical Trial Fees - Put Financial Audits to Work for You

Are you leaving money on the table? Research sites often do. Between incorrect sponsor reimbursements, billing errors, amendment changes and the failure to bill invoiceable items, you may not be getting everything you’re entitled to. This webinar on financial audits is designed to change all that. Industry veteran David B. Russell, CRCP, Director, Site Strategy for PFS Clinical, shares proven ways to ensure you collect all of the funds allowed in your CTAs. He will share real-life examples of amounts other sites have recovered by performing financial audits. In addition, you will learn:

• How to perform financial lookbacks on open studies and those in close-out

• How to insert language into your CTAs to ensure the study sponsor/CRO provides you with all necessary documentation associated with payment

• When to do a financial audit

• How best to handle budget amendments