Streamline Your Study Start-Up

With Initiate, our research administration experts collaborate with your team to help you grow your research program in a way that supports your vision.

Based on the needs of your institution, you will partner with teams specializing in coverage analysis, CTMS study builds, contract redlining, budget development and budget or contract negotiations. We understand the importance of target turnaround times, and we create a process that supports your turnaround goals. Initiate can help your organization decrease study start-up timelines, develop a legal playbook to keep you protected and mitigate financial risk, and increase productivity. Whether you choose multiple Initiate services or just one, our priority is helping you accelerate study start-up while maintaining billing compliance.



consistent billing guidelines.gif

Adopt a consistent approach for applying billing guidelines

secure additional funds.gif

Secure additional funds not initially offered by sponsors


Limit your exposure from complex contract language

research staff.gif

Allow research staff more time to focus on clinical activities

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