Initiate Services: CTMS Implementation

Implementing a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is a tedious and time-consuming task, yet they can lower study costs, increase productivity, and allow for improved time management. By utilizing PFS Clinical’s CTMS implementation services, you can leverage the advanced trial management and reporting tools of a CTMS, and the industry credibility and expertise of the team at PFS Clinical.

Benefits of CTMS IMplementation (13).gif

Expertise from the PFS Clinical team, who has performed thousands of study builds in nearly every CTMS (11).gif

Consistency in study setup and data entry to
ensure clear, detailed results 

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Increased internal efficiency, allowing you to focus on patient care and other clinical activities

CTMS IMplementation Process

Simply provide PFS Clinical with access to your CTMS, the study protocol, and contracted budget, and we’ll build the calendar and budget for you. Not only do our services apply to your prospective studies, but past and ongoing studies as well. PFS Clinical will also maintain the integrity of the calendar through potential amendments.


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