Case Studies

PFS Clinical has helped hundreds of institutions streamline the administration of their clinical research operations.  Read about some of our clients' experiences in the case studies below.

Financial Management

Budget/Contract Negotiation

For one client, PFS Clinical's contract/budget review and negotiation services netted nearly 50% greater per-patient fees and 400% greater covered administrative items for management of a COPD trial. Another client realized an approximate increase in per-patient fees of 24% and a 188% increase in covered administrative items for a study related to Actinic Keratosis.

The value realized from leveraging the expert clinical trial accountants within PFS Clinical, uncovers hundreds of thousands in uncollected revenue. For one client, its audit of six recently closed studies resulted in recovery of $45,000 from the sponsor for unpaid patient visits. When the pilot later expanded, PFS Clinical identified and collected 80% of an additional $290,000 in uncollected revenue. 


PFS Clinical partnered with a Midwest community-based health system that had been operating with a decentralized model but was looking to make improvements. The client hoped to establish processes, policies, and procedures to create a centralized research office. After identifying several risks, we delivered a suite of services including coverage analysis, budget and contract development/negotiations, corporate marketing, on-site management, study identification, and compliance oversight. 


Risks Identified:

  • Improved research operations
  • Trained staff on research best practices and streamlined communications with all internal departments
  • Increased study opportunities
  • Implemented a process to ensure compliant and accurate billing
  • Enhanced financial reporting and institutional accountability
  • No SOPs for conducting research
  • Over 40% of previously executed CTAs and budgets were missing standard subject injury language
  • Over 60% of budgets missing key line items
  • No process in place to prevent double billing
  • No tracking mechanism for ongoing research activity and revenue

“PFS Clinical’s performance to date has given us tremendous confidence that the Contract Administration service will ensure that everything is tracked, invoiced and received appropriately.”
“If you need to go from ‘zero to 60’ in a very short period of time, I strongly encourage you to consider PFS Clinical. There is a strong business and operational case for using PFS Clinical. In less than a year, we’ve already realized tremendous impact in finding and collecting revenue.”
“Financial management of clinical trials requires highly specialized capabilities. PFS Clinical brings those to the table, and can help institutions to dramatically improve management of the clinical trial enterprise.”
“PFS Clinical delivers a very clean, consistent format, and we can tell pharma companies, ‘When you do business with us, here’s how you’re going to receive information.’”

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