The success of each moving piece of your organization’s research administration process often depends on cooperation across departments. Meeting the needs of multiple departments while trying to advance your research programs can quickly become overwhelming and can sometimes make research administration tasks feel unmanageable. Boost Consulting and Training is a collaborative service line that helps you improve your team’s performance.

Our consultants support your team by learning your processes and creating an action plan tailored to your organization. Where other companies stop at consulting, WCG PFS Clinical collaborates with you to develop and implement research administration procedures that meet your needs and support your vision.

WHY PARTNER FOR Consulting & training?


Mitigate Risks.

Take full control of operations to limit compliance risks.

Expand Your Expertise.

Fill knowledge gaps with personalized and flexible training.

Improve CTMS ROI.

Optimize your CTMS to reduce redundant processes.

Improve Productivity.

Structure your team to create operational efficiencies.

We’ve partnered with PFS Clinical for just over 2 years. They oversee pre- and post-award activities and help our executive team navigate changes in staff and policies. In that time, PFS Clinical demonstrated an 86% ROI through increases in the per patient budget, uncovered revenue, and staff training. We went from the red to the black, and our team couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished with PFS Clinical.
— Director of Research

Boost Consulting & training Services

Clinical Research Site Evaluation & Consulting

Today’s successful clinical research institutions require their leaders to be experts in many areas in a difficult environment. They need to drive research revenue cycle processes, monitor billing compliance, provide patient care, and ensure protocol compliance, just to name a few. We’ve been lucky to hire industry experts that have previously held executive research roles, and can help our clients build a thriving research program. WCG PFS Clinical’s Site Evaluation and Consulting services aim to help our clients make informed business decisions and guide them to more streamlined operations. Each engagement looks different, as we focus on your unique needs.

Research Administration Training

Maybe you have staff new to research or you acquired another hospital and need a cohesive training program. Regardless of where you are in your research program maturity, WCG PFS Clinical can help. We provide on-site and/or remote training programs for clients who want to keep their research administration processes in-house. The process is custom-built and tailored to the needs of each individual. It’s typically an initial 1.5 day launch for a larger audience, that are followed by monthly virtual training/mentoring sessions.


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