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Five Questions Every Research Organization Should Ask Before Adopting a Centralized Clinical Trials Office

By David Russell, CRCP—Director of Site Strategy, PFS Clinical

In my years working in the industry, I’ve learned firsthand that no two research organizations are alike. For that reason, it’s impossible to find a one-size-fits-all model for a centralized clinical trials office (CTO). I’ve had the opportunity to support many organizations as they’ve moved toward a centralized CTO, and it’s always clear that the success of the venture requires that you take the time to evaluate strengths and opportunities for growth before you create a plan. Over time, I’ve developed a few key questions that can help research institutions identify existing skills and any initial hurdles that might inform and impact CTO creation. If your organization is looking to establish a centralized CTO, finding answers to the following questions can help create a blueprint for a plan that will enhance your individual processes.  

Here are five key questions every research organization should answer when considering moving toward a centralized CTO model: